Gmail Settings Extender

Privacy Policy

This extension doesn't collect any type of data, permissions required only for scripting to inspect elements and change the default behaviours.


By default, Gmail doesn't allow dragging mails outside the opened window, so you'll not be able to download your mails or transfer them as attachment to another browser window or tab, unless you download them manually from mail menu.

Also, you can't drag an attachment from any opened mail and drop it into the compose window as attachment, the same when you need to transfer this attachment to another account opened in another browser window.

By using this extension, you'll be able to drag attachments directly to any opened compose window, you'll notice a download mail button which is draggable to your file system, or to compose window, or even to another browser tab, you'll get another button which will move the attachment section to top.

To make it easy for you to reply or forward mails, this extension adds action buttons and moves the inline compose view to top.

A new tab bar will change the look of Gmail and will allow composing mails in new tabs inside the same window, or add mails as chrome like bookmark tab.

Another feature to allow auto adding CC/BCC while composing new mails.

For those who are using a delegated Gmail accounts and looking for a way to auto change the signature without being forced to select it manually on each compose or change it from the main settings, this extension adds an option to do it for you, just enter the name of the signature from the main settings and the account you are delegated access to and it will be selected automatically.

That's it!. add this extension to your browser now and enjoy.

Change Log:

Version 3.6:
-Critical Bug Fixes.

Version 3.5:
-Critical Bug Fixes.

Version 3.4:
-Fixed auto reverse conversation issue.

Version 3.3:
-Fixed drag/drop attached files to the file system.
-Added an option to show/hide unread button.

Version 3.2:
-Bug Fixes.

Version 3.1:
-Bug Fixes.

Version 3.0:
-Fixed a bug while sending large attachments using Google Drive
-Fixed bookmarked tabs "always open first mail in list instead of bookmarked mail"

Version 2.9:
-Added a quick filter button to show unread messages.
-UI Enhancements, applied case insensitive for auto CC/BCC email addresses.

Version 2.8:
Bug Fixes.

Version 2.7:
Bug Fixes.
Fixed auto CC/BCC feature error.

Version 2.6:
Bug Fixes.

Version 2.5:
Bug Fixes.

Version 2.4:
-Added reply button to attached emails (.eml files)
**Please note that the attached email will be temporarily downloaded to fetch the body mail and recipients list, which may take a while to load the compose window.

Version 2.3:
-Allow navigating to oldest mails (go to last page).
By default this button is disabled while user in search/filter page.

Version 2.2:
-UI enhancements and bug fixes.

Version 2.1:
-Bookmarked mails are now open in the preview pane if activated.
-Moved attachments section to the right while composing in new tab.
-UI enhancements and bug fixes.

Version 2.0:
-Add TinyMCE custom rich-text editor for compose windows.
-Fixed issues related to the multi-tabs control.

Version 1.9:
Allow adding mails as bookmarks inside Gmail window with chrome like tabs.

Version 1.8:
-New feature: Auto add CC/BCC when sending mails, compatible with the new Gmail UI
-New feature: Auto select signature by name, useful for users running delegated accounts
-General/Hot Fixes.

Version 1.7:
-General Fixes.

Version 1.6:
-New feature: Auto move compose window to new tab.
-General Fixes.

Version 1.5:
-General Fixes, Fixed compose window flickering.
-New feature: Moved attachment section to separate tab when compose.

Version 1.4:
-New feature: Auto show recipient list (To/CC/BCC) when reply.
-New feature: Auto show subject editor when reply/forward.
-New feature: Auto show trimmed text when reply.

Version 1.3:
-New feature: Auto popup compose window on reply/forward.
-New feature: Auto reverse conversations order (Last Thread On Top).

Version 1.2:
-Added option page, to enable/disable any feature.
-New feature: hide vertical lines in mail quoted text.
-Fixed conversation multi compose window flickering.

Version 1.1:
-Enhanced UI with new action buttons on top.
-Auto move inline compose view on top of body on reply/forward.
-Set max-width for inline images, to reduce unwanted scrolling area.

Egypt ETA PDF Tool

Privacy Policy

This extension doesn't collect any type of data, no permissions are required.


Download all visible eInvoice items with a single file, export all invoices in a single excel sheet.
Note: this extension works only with the Egyptian ETA website to download invoices, not tested with eReceipts.

Change Log:

Version 8:
-Added separate button for excel sheet export.
-Added column for each tax type value.

Version 7:
-Fixed unexpected behavior, multiple files downloaded instead of 1.

Version 6:
-Added more columns to the exported excel sheet, Tax & Net Amount.
-Fixed an issue for the hidden radio button while using the eToken.

Version 5:
Added more options to invoice file name, including invoice type.

Version 4:
Added invoice summary excel file within the exported zipped file.

Version 3:
Added options to select exported file name content

Version 2:
-Downloading invoices with user selected language, Ar/En.
-Fixed max invoice count, up-to 100 invoice per page.
Ahmed Abouelela
Whatsapp: +201025420666